My serious love for music didn’t start until 1991, when I was 11 years old. I self-taught myself to play the guitar after hearing songs like the Terminator 2 track, ‘You Could Be Mine’. After that, I was intrigued on any band music that had good guitar riffs in their songs, so that I could learn to play them. Bands like Pink Floyd, Oasis, Stone Roses, Dire Strates and even The Eagles caught my attention.

Before long I got to a point were I wanted to learn everything to do with the theory of music, so I took some guitar lessons to further develop my musical ability, learning chord scales, being able to read tab and play leads.

That carried on until 1998, when I turned 18 and had my first encounter with the club scene.

My first proper experience of club music came at Wigan Pier, I was inspired by the quality of the music and instantly wanted to hear more. I wanted to fully understand how each track was put together, how they were mixed and what it took to create similar tunes myself.

Not long after that, I purchased my first set of turntables and set about collecting vinyl from the likes of ‘Hotwax Records’ in Warrington, ‘Power Records’ in Wigan, ‘HMV’ in Liverpool and ‘3Beat Records’ in Liverpool.


Over the years that followed, I DJ’d in various places throughout the Northwest and had several residencies. I have been fortunate¬†enough to play for the big players in the Scouse House and UK Bounce genre, like B.T.I.D (the new brand from Wigan Pier after the club shut its doors in 2011) in both Magaluf and in the UK, and the Reminisce Festival in St Helens.

At the age of 24, I wanted to start making tracks in the Scouse House genre, so with no knowledge of how to use a PC or any music software, I bought myself a PC, a DAW (Digital Audio Workstaion) Steinberg Cubase and began to learn the trade.

By 2012, I’d signed my first of 4 releases to ‘Bounce Heaven Digital’, shortly after that, I signed multiple tracks to other record labels like ‘Revolution Records’ and ‘Bounce Heaven Digital’.

I often collaborate with other producers within the genre, like Starman, HarryHard, Rob Cain and Groove Control. Today, I either release my music on ‘Rebound UK’, ‘Chubby Choons’, ‘Cheeky Tracks’ or my own ‘Poomstyles’ label.

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